Keys To Life

3639 New Getwell Rd Suite 15, Memphis TN. 38118

Telephone: (901) 596-4424

The Keys to life organization is designed to give students in Shelby and surrounding counties specialized training in the construction field for a career pathway, upon Graduation from High School. Our goal is to prepare our students for success by working to become career ready upon graduation.


To be considered for admission into the Program all sections of this application must be completed and handed in by the given due date. The application must be filled in its entirety with appropriate signatures and returned to the Keys to Life location at the above address. You will then complete the process by sending school information and forward your application, copy of report card, two references from previous teachers, and discipline infractions that we need to be aware of. Admission into our program is contingent upon successful completion of application, interview process and final receipt of all records. Incomplete applications will not be processed.




Please submit the transcripts of grades, attendance, two references from teachers and behavior reports as required by the program. As guidance counselor, please place any comments/remarks on each transcript that you feel need explanation.


This section is to be completed by the prospective student only!

Please indicate the area of interest, other than flooring aspects of construction, you feel would be an exciting career path: #1- in the box that indicates your first choice #2- in box that indicates your second choice in case your first choice has reached capacity


The statements and information furnished by the undersigned in this application form are true and complete.
The undersigned applicant’s parent(s)/guardian(s) give permission for representatives of the sending school to release the applicant’s records including, grades, attendance, conduct/discipline records, as well as any other pertinent information that may be required by The Keys to Life organization for the purpose of admission.